Fruity Fingers

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I was having issues making up my mind what colour nails I wanted when I did these ones, so I figured, plain base then go nuts with colour to decorate.

I started with China Glaze Platinum Pearl (3 coats) although next time I might just go a plain white. Then I stamped some fruit from the Bundle Monster plates. Strawberries in Konad Red Special Polish, lemons in Konad Yellow Special Polish, oranges in CG Flip Flop Fantasy and grapes in CG Grape Pop(fitting right?).

I was a bit over eager and smooshed my middle finger a little. This design is cute. I like how it turned out and I am getting lots of compliments, so it seems to be a hit.

I have something really awesome to show you guys, but I am still waiting for it to show up. Hopefully I will have it by the end of the week. Finger crossed. I know I'm being a bit cryptic, but I am soooooo excited to share this with you.

That's it from me. Be awesome to each other.


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  1. VEry CUTE!!

  2. Hello everyone,

    Thanks very much!


  3. My God, I love this mani. The fruit...gosh I completely want the design! :) Maybe you should have some green in it though, for some strange reason I see green working in with the designs so apple leaves?

  4. Oh wow that's cute. Makes me want to eat juicy fruits.

  5. Very cute! Sooo Summery! I love it!

  6. I love this! I LOVE silver.. And it looks amazing when you added so many bright colours too! Great job x

  7. Joan,
    I like your idea. Next time for sure. I didn't even think of that. Perhaps I should make limes as well as lemons? Or maybe I need more fruit stamping templates? Lol

    Are we thinking fruits that are juicy or Juicy Fruits the gum? I'm with you either way.

    Thank you very much. I'm loving CG Stella from your pic.

    Alluring B&B,
    It would be very summery, except its winter here at the mo, but it cheers me up from the dreary rainy nastiness. :)

    Howdy! Thanks muchly. I wasn't sure how this would look. but I am really happy with it now I've done it.


  8. love the fruity look. I just ordered the m55(fruit) plate myself. Thanx for the inspiration

  9. That is so, so adorable! I think it could be fun if you stamped some vine-y leafy things in different greens before you stamped the fruits, so that they'd be on a base of greens. Sort of like the parsley on a plate, or green filler in flower arrangements!