China Glaze Grape Pop & Orly Shine

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Today's NOTD are China Glaze Grape Pop. I actually did a design with this one earlier, but was not happy with it, so didn't post the photos. I am happier with this one, but will post the other photos here as well.

Grape Pop is a purple creme. I've never had a purple cream before. Actually, I noticed the other day, the only cremes I have are red and pinks. So now I need to get a few more. I have Orly Enchanted Forest, which is a good start, but I need to add some blues to that collection. Any ideas?

This polish is thick. I recommend thinning. I came to this recommendation on the basis that I have used this polish twice now thinking I should thin it, but not doing it before I apply. It gets pretty messy, let me tell you.

Then I stamped the tips with Konad plate M44 and Orly Shine. I normally don't stray away from using my Konad special polish when stamping unless I have something I really want to try out (like holos), but I made an exception because I find the silver special polish a little sheer and this was an all or nothing stamp. I couldn't go over it again like you can with solid tips.

The camera doesn't really pick the awesomeness of Shine very well. It's been cold, nasty and overcast whenever I try to take photos outside, so inside is all I have to work with.

On this one, this was my very first attempt with striping tape. Fail. And the star was super chunky too - I took it off less then 12 hours later. Also the top coat bubbled cause it was close to the bottom of the bottle, which is never a good look either.

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That's it for now. Be awesome to each other.


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